“Help! My team needs to collaborate securely.”

It’s time to get your security up to scratch!

Worried about data breaches? Phishing attacks? Bot attacks!
Sick of losing passwords? Remote team needing to collaborate securely?
How to manage your team logins? Are your staff onboarding processes safe?
Are your invoices safe from fraud?
Want security that doesn’t slow you down?


Is your data secure?

  • With the proliferation of convenient and low cost web apps, organisations are moving more and more of their data online.

  • But, once your data is online , how do you keep it secure?

  • According to a recent Dashlane report, in the last year, there’s been a 65% increase in phishing attacks. 76% of businesses surveyed reported being a victim of a phishing attack!

  • The internet has tons of advice on security but what tips are the key ones for right now? For your organisation? For the clients you work with?

  • We can provide prompt coaching and advice to increase your security.

How to get started?

  1. Book a 15 min call to make sure this is right for you

  2. Make sure you’ve got a password manager!

  3. Purchase our coaching package to get your security up to scratch!

Security coaching - Individual
99.00 129.00
  • 1 hour online session + 1 month email support

  • We’ll review the tools you use and suggest how to make them more secure

  • We’ll suggest some key tips for tightening up your practises so you’re less likely to get ripped off online!

  • Prices in NZD

Security coaching - Team
149.00 249.00
  • 2 x 1 hour online sessions + 1 month email support

  • We’ll review your team’s key processes and security risks, with a focus on:

    • Onboarding/offboarding

    • Password sharing and security

    • File sharing

  • We’ll give you actionable recommendations based on your teams’ needs

  • Prices in NZD


Who is this for?

  • Freelancers and small organisations (less than 30 people) with limited inhouse technical/security support

  • You’re not a tech whiz

  • You primarily use web apps for your systems and processes

  • You don’t have services hosted by a traditional IT company

  • You’re worried about your data and whether its secure or not.

Why Optimi?

  • We’ve worked with many clients to keep their online data and processes secure and know where to get the quickest bang for your buck

  • We’re not just technical experts, we’re experienced business analysts who can help you figure out which tools will add the most value and where the typical security weaknesses are in your processes.

  • We believe the culture of an organisation is just as important as the tools when it comes to keeping people safe online.

  • We’re business owners and entrepreneurs, so we understand the pressure you’re under to get things done on a tight budget while also keeping on top of risk.

  • We run the systems and processes for a range of different organisations who are of many different sizes and industries so we’ve seen plenty of the types of problems and web apps you’re working with on a day to day basis.

“Optimi are a joy to deal with! They helped us identify the main data and
technical blocks we had and then set up nimble, easy to use systems that
saved us time and improved our accuracy. All whilst being aware that we’re
working on a small charity budget!
— Cheryl, The Gift Trust

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