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The Gift Trust is a unique philanthropic charity offering a bespoke service to people who want to make large donations to charity. The team help their donors to make more impactful donations by managing their charitable funds and streamlining the donation process. The Gift Trust came to Optimi with a crucial problem - they were growing and wanted to make their donation system more efficient, but without jeopardising the personal and tailored service they offer their clients. They needed to automate their manual processes that wouldn’t be sustainable when they grew.

We built a donation management database using Airtable that allowed them to easily keep track of all the donations they made, link them to donor’s accounts and store the due diligence they hold on charities. This revolutionised their processes and meant that data was no longer entered manually, allowing more accuracy and better tracking. We also automated their administration process for donations with automatic task lists on Asana and draft client and charity emails being created at certain points in the process.

Ultimately this work has improved their accuracy, consistency and saved time so they can focus on doing more good in the world!

Client Painpoints

  • Manual admin processes not scalable for a growing business, creating a lot of growing pains

  • Hard to grow while still offering a personalised, tailored service on a limited budget

  • Difficulty tracking key charity data, as information was stored in multiple places

  • Too much time spent on manual admin, including data entry and repeated manual charity and client emails


  • Create a single source of truth for charity and donor information, giving peace of mind and the ability to track, code and search all donations correctly

  • Automate the manual admin work, ensuring consistency and that the right steps are followed each time a donation is made

  • Automate the email process for donors and charities, while retaining the personalisation that clients need

  • Create a scalable system that can grow with The Gift Trust, where more donors don’t mean more admin time

  • Give them the tools and skills to manage the system themselves, allowing them to make changes where needed.

“Optimi are a joy to deal with! They helped us identify the main data and technical blocks we had and then set up nimble, easy to use systems that saved us time and improved our accuracy. All whilst being aware that we’re
working on a small charity budget!
— Cheryl Spain, Executive Director, The Gift Trust

Tools used


An easy to use, web based database.

An easy to use, web based database.

Project management

Project management

Online form tool

Online form tool

Online payments

Online payments

Workflow automation

Workflow automation

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