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More impact.
Less admin.

Focus on creating value – let Optimi and automation
take care of those inefficient manual tasks!


What we do for you

Optimi designs and configures systems that mean less admin work for you.


Do less admin.

We enable organisations to harness new efficiencies by connecting web applications together. It's user friendly, cheap to set up and cheap to maintain.


Have more impact.

We amplify the impact of important work. By looking at processes, tools and metrics, we ensure that you are making the most of all your resources and increasing your impact on the world.

Our offerings

We use the latest web tools to automate workflows,
saving you time and money without writing a single line of code.


Process optimisation

Simplifying complexity with systems that automate workflows.

Data centralisation

Creating a single source of truth for your data.

Marketing automation

Building your digital marketing processes and ensuring the right tools talk to each other.


Financial processes and reporting

Making financial processes consistent and automated.

Metrics dashboards

Delivering comprehensive dashboards with key metrics so you can make better decisions.


Some of our clients

Optimi made it possible for us to handle 800+ appointments per month and 2500+ clients without really having to lift a finger.
— Anna Munro, Founder, Little Annie
Optimi are a joy to deal with! They helped identify key blocks we had and set up nimble, easy to use systems that saved time, improved accuracy and allowed us to grow. All whilst being aware that we’re working on a small charity budget! Can’t recommend more highly.
— Cheryl, Executive Director, The Gift Trust
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I wear many hats inside our company and by having the support of Optimi I can focus on defining the tasks rather than running the business.
— Dan Lewis, Director, Root Systems

Our team


Charley Davenport

Operations, systems and process guru,
freelance cellist, and crowd-funding expert

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Malcolm Colman-Shearer

Founder, problem solver and process optimiser,
corporate refugee and composting ace


Rupert Snook

Systems architect, facilitator,
and Balinese percussionist

Katrin McKinnon

Admin annihilator, process perfector,
and ebike enthusiast

Our approach

Part of a collaborative network

We are part of Enspiral, a broad network of value aligned people focussed on social impact, collaboration and entrepreneurship. This means we have trusted relationships with professionals in many different fields who we can call on when we’re operating at our leading edge.

Avoid custom builds

Wherever possible, we'll adapt an existing technology to your needs, instead of building you something custom. Avoiding custom builds saves you time and money. In fact, the 'buy not build' approach is fast becoming the industry norm.


Small iterations

We want our clients to be happy every step of the way, so we don’t ask for big commitments. Rather we progress each project in small chunks or iterations. We don’t think we’re perfect; the more we can collaborate with our clients, the better the final outcome will be for everyone.

We're on your team

We believe in empowering our clients, not trapping them. If you want to own the solution we've created for you, we'll set you up to look after yourself. We don’t want to lock you in to complicated, expensive technology.

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Some of our key tools

These are some of the tools we use the most but there are hundreds of web apps out there.
We’ll work with whatever tools will help to solve our clients’ pain points.

Optimi are Zapier’s first NZ certified experts

Optimi are Zapier’s first NZ certified experts

Optimi provide support for all G Suite super admin functions

Optimi provide support for all G Suite super admin functions

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