Stuck with Zapier?

Do you need urgent coaching on one of your zaps?
Are you wasting lots of time and could solve your problems with business automation?
Or are you looking for peace of mind to know you’re doing things in the most efficient way?

We can help.

  • We are certified experts in Zapier automation.

  • We have proven experience connecting apps and automating information, systems and processes with Zapier.

  • We will work with you, so you get an expert on your team. When we’re done, you’ll have the keys to what we’ve created together, and the knowledge to build on it.

  • We can provide immediate remote coaching with your existing Zaps, or help you from scratch to automate your systems and processes.


Step one: Quick diagnosis.
Free / $0

Join us for a 30 minute call, we’ll help you move forward with your Zapier workflows. It doesn’t matter whether you’re completely new to Zapier or you’re wanting some power user tips. Either way, we’ll give you some recommendations for what to do next.

Step two: Get your automations working.
Price will depend on work package

Based on what we find in our initial call, we can implement our recommendations, either by coaching you through the process or by taking care of it for you.

Step three: Ongoing partnership.
From $200 NZD per month

We’ll regularly monitor your automations, taking care of errors, making sure nothing gets switched off accidentally and upgrading systems when needed. We’ll be available to help whenever you want to build more automations in.


Why us?

  • We are NZ’s first Zapier certified experts and work with clients from around the globe too.

  • We’re not just technical experts, we’re experienced business analysts who can help you figure out which tools and automations will add the most value.

  • Although we work with technology, our focus is on coaching people, that means we use a lot more everyday language than your typical developer.

  • We’re small business owners and entrepreneurs, so we understand the pressure you’re under to get things done on a tight budget.

  • We run the systems and processes for a range of different companies who are of various sizes and industries, this means we’ve seen many different problems and solutions.

“Optimi are a joy to deal with! They helped us identify the main data and
technical blocks we had and then set up nimble, easy to use systems that
saved us time and improved our accuracy. All whilst being aware that we’re
working on a small charity budget!
— Cheryl, The Gift Trust

The Gift Trust case study