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Errors arising from manual work


We first met Anna Munro of Little Annie photography during Malcolm’s wedding photography meeting. Through that initial catchup (that didn’t relate to Optimi at all!) we ended up working for Anna. When we first got in to exploring the Little Annie setup. we saw an innovative, fast-growing, studio photography startup. They had an urgent need to automate their manual email processes that were not handling their rapid growth.

We jumped on the opportunity to eliminate hours of manual data entry. We converted a lengthy, manual admin process into a simple, automated one. All the steps that Anna was having to do manually are now done automatically behind the scenes. And while we were making the process more efficient, we also built Anna a reliable customer database in a webapp called Airtable! Now Anna is free to focus on growing the business, and can leave all the admin pain behind her.

Client Painpoints

  • Huge admin workload, including large amounts of personalised customer emails being sent

  • Poor data integrity, with multiple sources of data across many systems all going out of date

  • Manual processes led to higher risk of data entry errors

  • Hard to email the right customers at the right time, due to lack of data integrity

  • Business growth being blocked by admin overload


  • Automate the manual admin work sending emails, while retaining the personalisation that customers need

  • Create a single source of truth for customer information, giving peace of mind and the ability to reach the right people at the right time

  • Create a scalable system that can grow with the business, where more customers doesn't mean more admin time

  • Create simpler systems and processes so that the internal administrator is able to manage it themselves.

Optimi made it possible for us to handle 800+ appointments per month and 2500+ clients without really having to lift a finger.
— Anna Munro, Founder, Little Annie

Tools used


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* Based on a conservative estimate of 5 minutes saved for 800 tasks per month